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Vegan Retreat 

Coming spring 2024

An amazing opportunity to relax with nature and bond with our animals 


Join us at the vegan Retreat

POHP is a sanctuary for humans as well as animals, and we are raising funds to open to a wider audience as an eco-tourist destination where individuals can come to learn and reconnect.

By experiencing the harmony of this 'piece of heaven,' decompressing from the pressures of a carnist dominated world, and spending time forming bonds with animals and nature, we intend for visitors to (re)connect with a sense of vegan purpose and leave with a deeper commitment to being effective animal advocates.


Piece of Heaven Project is located on 95 acres of land, nestled in a very secluded spot in Burton, British Columbia.

The land, which rises up the side of Mt Marshall, is surrounded by mountains and thick forest, set amongst the stunningly beautiful scenery of the West Kootenays. From high points, it overlooks Arrow Lake, with views looking towards the Valhalla Mountain Range to the south.

It is a wonderfully tranquil and very private spot,  where the loudest non-animal sound is the rushing of the distant creek, as it races towards the lake.


Explore, Paddleboard, Walking with Alpacas, Cross Country Sky, Canoe and have a forest bath

Amazing Stays

We offer glamping or the chance to stay in our upcoming tiny home designed to bring the outside indoors. Enquire below for stays.


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Join and help us make this a reality

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