Board Members

Mark Starmer (Chairman)

Andi Gabb (Vice Chairman & Fundraising committee)

Sharon Starmer (Animal care supervisor)

Laurel Dhalla (Treasurer & Fundraising committee)

Colleen Scissons (Farm advisor)

Mark Blundell (Facilities advisor)

Non-Executive Society Members

Christine Gabb (Secretary & Fundraising committee)

Carolina Dalgliesh (Fundraising committee)

Catherine Blundell (Fundraising committee)

Tristan Starmer (Animal caregiver)

Jennifer Starmer (Communications and social media advisor)

POHP is a registered non-profit society (official name 'Piece of Heaven Vegan Project Society' - S0070124) 

operating a farm animal sanctuary, providing opportunities to connect with animals and understand veganism.

Our purpose is to support the vegan community by providing a nurturing retreat; and promote the adoption of a compassionate, considerate lifestyle, the 'no harm' philosophy and evidence its importance for the future of the planet and all its inhabitants.

POHP is located in Burton, to the east of Arrow Lake in the Western Kootenays, BC.


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