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The Piece of Heaven Project has over 90 animals of various sizes!

Between food and vet bills, the direct costs of caring for all these animals add up quickly!
Our biggest expense, by far, is hay. This year, the price of a single round bale (which will feed our 7 cows for four days) is $120. We use an additional two bales every week to feed the rest of the sanctuary clan; putting us at over $450/week in cost of hay alone! ⁠
If you want help support Piece Of Heaven Project or you're looking for an extra-special gift idea for the animal lover in your life, please consider sponsoring an animal! 

Join our community of compassionate supporters!

When you sponsor an animal, your donations support their care and enable the work of POHP to continue. We could not do what we do without you!

As a sponsor of one of our animals, you will receive a certificate and the option to receive a special gift featuring your chosen animal friend. Our sponsorships also make for wonderful gifts, and are a unique way to spread compassion and awareness to others. Simply enter the shipping information for your gift recipient and we'll take care of the rest!

Meet the sanctuary residents who would love to call you their sponsor below. Each animal has a unique personality and story - click on the animals below to learn more and become their sponsor! 

If you'd like to financially support the Piece of Heaven Project but sponsorship isn't right for you, you can donate any amount directly to our Paypal. Every dollar makes a difference!

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