The Animals

POHP is not an animal rescue. The role of the animals at POHP is to act as ambassadors for their kind, living out their lives protected from the harm that might otherwise come to them.

Whilst many of our extended family would have already met with cruel endings had they not found a home here, others have been saved from slaughter because their owners were kind enough to let them live out their lives in peace. A few (such as the pigs) are lucky enough to have come from homes where they were already cherished, but were allowed to come to us because their people recognised the value of allowing others to connect with them. A small number have actually been born here. 

Each is a wonderfully unique soul, possessed of individuality and their own very particular personality. The only ones not featured 'in full' are the geese, of which there are actually 25, but we have been unable to get photos of all of them individually!

POHP is a registered non-profit society (official name 'Piece of Heaven Vegan Project Society' - S0070124) 

operating a farm animal sanctuary, providing opportunities to connect with animals and understand veganism.

Our purpose is to support the vegan community by providing a nurturing retreat; and promote the adoption of a compassionate, considerate lifestyle, the 'no harm' philosophy and evidence its importance for the future of the planet and all its inhabitants.

POHP is located in Burton, to the east of Arrow Lake in the Western Kootenays, BC.


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