It's never too late to stop eating animals

Veganism is a not a diet. It is a lifestyle choice. There are so many excellent reasons to go and stay vegan - for life.

Below are some excellent infographics that explain why its so important for everybody that more and more people make the choice to go vegan. But going vegan is a continuous journey of learning to pursue a truly 'no harm' lifestyle. These gems are also full of essential information for those of us who've already made that choice.


Just click on the ones the interest you to find out what the vegan choice can mean for you and all of us sharing this planet.

Need a reason to

go vegan in the first place?


Here's a whole bunch of them!

Does being vegan really make a difference to the environment?

Read this to find out why.

A lot of stupid things are said about veganism.


Here are some of the myths debunked.

Is eating a plant  based diet really any good for you?

Prepare to have your eyes opened.


How can vegans possibly cook without eating eggs? 

Easy! Just take a look at this.


Don't cows need to be milked? It's perfectly natural.  There's no harm in it, is there? 

Think again.


Surely candy doesn't use any products from animals?

Prepare yourself for the truth...


Harmful products are everywhere. Make sure you remain true to your vegan intentions by reading this.