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Volunteer Opportunities with Our Animal Sanctuary

There really is a place for everyone to play their part in the Piece of Heaven Project Farm animal Sanctuary regardless of where in the world you are. If you can't wait to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in as a volunteer, let's jump right in! If you've had a chance to check out our brand new podcast, you'll have already gained an insight into what volunteering at the POHP animal sanctuary is really like. Long time POHP volunteer, Colleen Scissons shared her experience and expertise on how to gain trust and form lasting bonds with our rescue animals. Additionally, POHP founders Mark and Sharon Starmer spoke about some of the different ways in which you too, can get involved with helping to improve the lives of our resident animals as well as positively impact the lives of animals in general.

If you're left feeling inspired and would love the opportunity to join a like-minded community, develop your skillset and just generally benefit from those feel good vibes you get when giving back, all whilst helping animals. Here are the top 3 ways you can get involved with POHP.

1. Volunteer at the Sanctuary

A man feeding a goat

If you're lucky enough to live local to Burton, British Columbia, then we would love to welcome you as an on site animal sanctuary volunteer. Preferably on a regular basis but we appreciate any time you can spare to spend time here at the sanctuary, though we think that once you visit, you'll be hooked. As Colleen mentioned in her podcast interview, no day is the same and you can choose which tasks you'd prefer to do, but typically the most important things include bonding with our resident animals whilst providing care for them. The most impactful thing you can do is offer your valuable time to make an immediate difference to the quality of the lives of the animals we have here, providing comfort and connection. There's nothing more rewarding than seeing the result of your hard work and as Colleen shared in her interview, "There's never been a day, where I have regretted going". Get in touch, your support is immensely appreciated and we're sure you'll get as much from the experience as our animals, if not more, in return for giving up your time to volunteer with us here!
2. Volunteer Remotely

A woman volunteering remotely.

If you're a little further afield, or anywhere really, and aren't able to be with as an on site animal sanctuary volunteer, we have some exciting remote volunteer opportunities that will give you the chance to level up your skillset and gain invaluable experience for your resume, all whilst helping animals. Are you good at web design, video editing, social media, or even writing blog posts like this one? Reach out to us on social media letting us know how you think you can help us. We'd love to support your growth in exchange for your passion and enthusiasm for helping animals and we are more than happy to provide you with a reference, highlighting how your kindness and skill has made a difference!
3. Help Us Fundraise

Three people completing a challenge to fundraise.

Last but certainly not least and perhaps most important to the success of the Piece of Heaven Project, you can help us from wherever you are by sponsoring our animals from as little as $30.00 a year or by making a one-off donation. As winter approaches, our animals rely on hay once the ground is covered in snow and as Mark details in our recent podcast interview, a single hay bale sets us back $100, so every little helps. Although there is an endless amount of opportunities to fundraise, from sponsored challenges to seasonal fundraisers and what better time to start planning a festive fundraiser than right now? Get in touch to let us know what creative ideas you have to raise funds for Piece of Heaven Project!

Whether you have a little, or a lot, of time, or money to spare, we humans and animals here at Piece of Heaven Project are eternally grateful for any way you can support us in providing a better world for animals, whether that be here at Piece of Heaven Project or by spreading the vegan message to the world!

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