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Needless to say, the animals are relentless eaters, 24/7, 365 days per year. Shipments of items can be arranged directly to the sanctuary, or if you are planning to visit and want to bring something along, any of these items would be most welcome!

If you would like to get involved directly in the needs of the sanctuary and choose precisely what your money is spent on, the following is a list of items that make the world of difference to our day-to-day activities.


Until we are able to build our 'dream barn' (see below), we have many on-going requirements in order to maintain the existing housing. We also need to expand our grazing enclosures. The following are currently essential items which will be removed if we find ourselves in the position where they are no longer required. 


The following are 'big ticket' items that we would dearly love to have to make the task of running the sanctuary easier and in the case of the barn, the living conditions more comfortable for the animals. We realise they are extremely expensive, but we live in hope that we will be able to raise the funds to get them.

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