Needless to say, the animals are relentless eaters, 24/7, 365 days per year. Shipments of items can be arranged directly to the sanctuary, or if you are planning to visit and want to bring something along, any of these items would be most welcome!

If you would like to get involved directly in the needs of the sanctuary and choose precisely what your money is spent on, the following is a list of items that make the world of difference to our day-to-day activities.

Fresh fruit and veg
Whole oats
Pellets (goose, turkey, pig)
Alfalfa cubes
Alfalfa pellets
Beet pulp pellets
Text - goat, sheep and llama
Cracked corn
Black oil sunflower seeds
Step Right Equine (No's 5 & 6)
Goat mineral
Diatomaceous earth
Ammonium chloride
Oyster shell
Salt block
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Until we are able to build our 'dream barn' (see below), we have many on-going requirements in order to maintain the existing housing. We also need to expand our grazing enclosures. The following are currently essential items which will be removed if we find ourselves in the position where they are no longer required. 

Mesh ranch gates (8' and 4')
Heavy duty stall mats
Wire fencing
Fencing posts (8')
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The following are 'big ticket' items that we would dearly love to have to make the task of running the sanctuary easier and in the case of the barn, the living conditions more comfortable for the animals. We realise they are extremely expensive, but we live in hope that we will be able to raise the funds to get them.

Barn to accommodate multiple species
Tractor with bucket and backhoe
Post hole awl for the tractor
Stock trailer
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POHP is a registered non-profit society (official name 'Piece of Heaven Vegan Project Society' - S0070124) 

operating a farm animal sanctuary, providing opportunities to connect with animals and understand veganism.

Our purpose is to support the vegan community by providing a nurturing retreat; and promote the adoption of a compassionate, considerate lifestyle, the 'no harm' philosophy and evidence its importance for the future of the planet and all its inhabitants.

POHP is located in Burton, to the east of Arrow Lake in the Western Kootenays, BC.


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