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Animals do not require

our permission to live on Earth.


Animals were given the right to be here

long before we arrived.

Things you need to know.

Volunteering at a sanctuary is fun, but it's no picnic! You will get to work around some wonderful animals, doing hard work that requires a lot of physical effort.


Our many regular tasks and on-going projects vary in length from a couple of hours of effort, through to several days. Some can be completed on your own, others require working as part of a team.

We prefer our volunteers to be able to commit to coming on a regular basis, be that once a fortnight, once a week, or more frequently. Consistency is important to get to know the animals and have them become familiar and relaxed with you. 

Nothing is more important to us than the welfare of those for whom POHP is home. At all times, they must be treated with kindness and respect. 

The objectives of the sanctuary revolve around educating people about veganism. We expect our volunteers to be able to relate to this agenda and be active advocates of, or open to a 'do no harm' philosophy themselves.

What is there to do?

Tasks are assessed on the amount of physical effort involved - light, average or arduous. They include, but are not limited to:

Daily chores


  • Clearing horse/alpaca manure (average).

  • Ensuring fresh water availability (light in summer/arduous in winter).

  • Provision of food/supplement supplies if running low (average-arduous).

  • Getting the animals used to human proximity/VERY gentle contact if appropriate (light).

  • Brushing horses in summer (average).

  • Brushing goats (light).


Weekly chores

  • Raking out sheep and goat enclosures (light).

  • Replacing bedding in goat enclosure (average).


Occasional chores


  • Assist with trimming goat hooves (average).

  • Assist with trimming sheep hooves (arduous).

  • Assist with trimming alpaca feet (arduous/impossible).

  • Replacing bedding in turkey enclosure (average).

Additionally, throughout the no-snow seasons, we have 'working party' days, attended by as many of our volunteers as possible, to work on major stand-alone projects that relate to the operation of the sanctuary as a whole.

As well as working on-site, there are other opportunities to volunteer (sometimes remotely) with supporting what we do here. This may involve assisting at various markets we have a fundraising stall at throughout the year; or more generally becoming involved with animal welfare issues, the thing that is at the very heart of the project's agenda.

How to volunteer

If you would like to volunteer in person or remotely, please get in touch with us via our contact page, telling us why you'd like to help out and outlining your availability. We look forward to hearing from you!

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