An Open Letter To My Facebook Friends

Today, I sent this message to all of my Facebook friends. It's obviously intended for people I know personally, but I am just as happy to share it with everyone who likes this page, as you may have read some of my blogs. At the end, you'll see the challenge I faced people with. Please feel free to respond in the comments section.

It has become a source of huge disappointment to me how few of my Facebook friends chose to engage with me regarding my vegan posts. Perhaps you don’t see them? Perhaps you already have my feed blocked?

You probably don’t see the lengthy blogs I write on the subject, but even a modicum of awareness will reveal to you the hard facts about the health and environmental damage caused by eating animals; to say nothing of the horrors of the theriocide our society is willingly perpetrating.

In a nutshell, veganism is important to me because..

Raising animals for food results in:

  • climate change

  • rainforest destruction

  • water pollution

  • world hunger

  • water wastage

  • wildlife extinction

  • unnecessary and damaging land use

Eating animals has now been proven to increase the risk of getting

  • heart disease

  • obesity

  • diabetes

  • cancer

Animal slaughter is responsible for

  • the death of 56 billion animals per year

  • the death of just under 3 trillion fish per year