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Aren't We Better Than That?

Today I watched a video on Castanet, a Kelowna internet news service. It was a short infomercial by two of the ladies who have organised the upcoming VegFest (26th May). I've posted it below, and as you will see, it's intelligent, inoffensive and informative.

However, at the time of my watching, one comment had been made. It simply said:

“I'll bring my bbq and some ribs”.

A few people had found this amusing, but I found myself wondering why anyone would find it necessary to write such an offensive (at least to vegans) comment?

To a right thinking person, it surely smacks of bullying. It deliberately sets out to deride the beliefs of people whose only crime is to adopt a lifestyle that attempts to cause no harm to our fellow beings, the environment and themselves.

Apparently, this person believes that if anybody else is having a celebration of something that they don’t agree with, then it is acceptable to ridicule it with provocation and attempts at intimidation.

I’m disappointed. Aren't we better than that?

What motivates someone to write such an unnecessary comment?

  • Do they fear those who are different from themselves?

  • Do they feel that vegans threaten them in some way?

  • Is their conscience pricked by the knowledge that there are others trying to make a difference in the world, when deep down, this person knows they should be doing that too?

It isn’t nice or clever to make ‘jokes’ at the expense of others; and it isn’t productive to lash out at them just because you don't share their beliefs.

Perhaps the person who wrote the comment would say that vegans are trying to push people around and impose their beliefs on everyone else? If so, clearly, the author has not stopped to reflect that killing harmless creatures and stealing their lives for a snack is the ultimate in imposing beliefs.

The VegFest is a joyous celebration of life, by people who want a better world; who want to live without harming others; who want a future for all of us who occupy this planet.

What's wrong with that? Mocking it is what's wrong!

So to the person who felt it necessary to be unpleasant, I say this:

Come to the VegFest. Come find me. I’ll be there at the 'Piece of Heaven Project' table. Bring your ‘bbq and ribs’ if you think that’s appropriate. But also bring an open mind. We’ll discuss why so many people are choosing to go vegan - without any need for unpleasantness.

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