Ponderings on PETA

What follows is not so much a blog as it is an essay.

It’s written for those who are critical of, or have concerns about the role PETA plays in our society today.

​I ask that if you have even the slightest of doubts about them, please read the document. If nothing else, you might find it interesting

What is PETA?

If you haven't heard of PETA, you are clearly not one of those people who keeps themselves abreast of issues concerning animal welfare. If you were, you would certainly be aware that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is one of the largest and most preeminent animal action groups on the planet. Few other such organisations evoke such strong emotions (both positive and negative) in the minds of the public that PETA are able to; or leave the targets of their actions quaking in their boots as they can. It is, by reputation, perhaps one of the most militant and possibly one of the most impactful of such organisations.

Founded in 1980, and operating out of Virginia, PETA is a well-funded, not-for-profit, tax exempt organisation. Over the years it has evolved to its current state where it focuses its attentions on four key areas of animal rights, namely those in which it feels the largest numbers suffer, most intensely, for the longest period of time. These are:

  1. The factory farming of animals.

  2. The use of animals in the clothing industry.

  3. The use of animals for scientific research.

  4. The use of animals in the entertainment industry.

This encompasses a vast number of areas of interest, and has them at odds with the whole of animal farming industry as well as those who sponsor it, such as giant international fast food chains. Any type of organisation involved in the fur trade, the down production industry and wool producers (to name but a few) may find themselves the targets of their wrath. Just about every major drug company on the planet and many universities have cause to fear their probing interest. And still popular bastions of animal abuse that justify their harmful existence because of their purported validity as amusements for weak minded humans – such as SeaWorld - go to extraordinary lengths to deflect their attentions. In other words, pretty much everyone on the planet has a beef (no pun intended) with them.