The Way Things Are

Can you imagine yourself at a time when you are a newly born infant?

Of course, you can’t remember it, so just imagine it.

You are unblemished; untouched; a clean slate; a blank piece of paper. Pure.

But you’re not much in the thinking department, so those around you will make decisions on your behalf.

From the time you are born, to the time you become fully aware that your choices are your own, they will do what they consider to be right for you.

What is good, appropriate, normal and acceptable will not be your choice, it will be theirs.

They will decide everything about every aspect of your life until the day comes when you choose to think and decide for yourself.

Those decisions taken on your behalf will stay with you for many years to come.

As such, you will grow up to be the object of reasoning based upon tradition, culture and societal norms, with maybe just a little bit of contemporary thinking thrown into the mix.

You will effectively be the product of those who are in a position to influence you; so in many ways, you are totally at their mercy.

It’s the way things are.

What shapes you in these formative years will create a set of habits that you may never question or see a need to break free from.

If you are so inclined, you may never actually think for yourself at all.

Instead, you can carelessly adopt the choices that were imposed upon you.

There is no need to challenge what is good and bad, right or wrong about most things that happen in your life.

Your upbringing will have already dictated how you should act and respond to much of what you will face.

You may have a rebellious phase at some point. You may even disavow everything you get from your key influencers.

But most people don’t.

Somewhere within you will be implanted attitudes towards politics, religion, values, race, sex, and a host of other things that were, in their origins, never truly your own.

In all likelihood, you will be content to be a reflection of the vestiges of your upbringing, if only because to change deeply rooted beliefs is unsettling.