What's The Difference?

This is an addendum to my previous posting regarding the Yulin Dog Meat Eating Festival, and the comparisons I drew with the food production industry that uses 'farm animals'. The accuracy of some of my comparison has been challenged, so I thought I'd just clear the matter up for those who fail to see the similarity.

​Be warned, if you're not aware of what goes on at either of these killing venues, you may find the contents upsetting.


The Yulin Festival began in the 1990s although there are countless others all over the Far East, some reportedly dating back 600 years and more. It is documented fact, supported by substantial photographic evidence and multiple eye witness accounts that at the Yulin Festival dogs are:

  • Chased, trapped, cornered or even kidnapped. They have a chance to escape but pursuit of them is relentless.

  • Forced into crates by having strangulating wires hooked around their necks and lifted off the ground, choking as they do so.

  • Transported in those crates packed so tightly there is no room to move.

  • Left awaiting their fate, terrified, for hours on end.

  • Hit over the head with a hammer (smashing their skulls) to stop them struggling but leave them alive because then 'the meat tastes better.

  • Hung up with hooks through their flesh whilst still alive.

  • Skinned whilst still alive.

It is particularly heart rending to learn that some dogs are still wagging their tails when they are slaughtered.

They cry pitifully as if pleading for their lives, and constantly try to escape.

They are savagely beaten by the slaughterers if they show the slightest lack of cooperation.